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You can see some of our work at the Wakefield War Memorial in Massachusetts, the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial in Whitesville, WV and the National September 11 Memorial Museum most recent installation, 9/11 Memorial Glade. Projects can range from small plaques and markers, to vast walls of granite and soaring obelisks. They may include statues, flags, landscape gardens, porticos, stone benches, fountains or eternal flames. Whatever your vision, our team can help you create a memorial of any size or scope.

The 1614 monument

American stone for
American memorials

It’s a monument’s design details, rich with meaning, that communicate a story to their audience. For your American war or community memorial, choose a material that reflects pride in country. Rock of Ages offers several monument stones from company owned and operated quarries right here in the US.

Tout droit de nos carrières

Rock of Ages exploite ses propres carrières qui lui fournissent la pierre de première qualité dont les artisans ont besoin pour leurs créations. Que vous préfériez le style traditionnel ou moderne, vous pourrez choisir parmi une panoplie de finis, de textures et de couleurs afin de créer un modèle sur mesure.

Two of our best sellers are BLUE GRAYⓇ granite from Vermont, known for its ability to take a mirror polish, and BLACK MISTⓇ granite from Pennsylvania, known for its naturally occurring true black color. None of our stones are treated with dyes or resins and therefore hold their color for as long as the monument stands.

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Nos produits n’ont aucune date d’expiration, peu importe la situation. Nous vous en faisons la promesse solennelle.

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Que vous désiriez créer un monument, un mausolée, un mémorial ou un columbarium, l’équipe d’artisans spécialisés de Rock of Ages peut vous aider à concrétiser votre vision.


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