Creative Process – Columbaria

The columbarium
creative process


Our goal is to guide you through the entire columbarium design process and ensure we meet all of your expectations. We begin by collecting your ideas, taking note of your needs and desires. Then, we provide you with a plan of action and begin the manufacturing of your project.

Columbaria types

Our columbaria come in different shapes and sizes. You may choose a straight, curved or polygon design; whatever fits your tastes and needs.






Our columbaria come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and their form can be simple or quite elaborate, always following elegant architectural lines. Within the Rock of Ages creative department, we can make every conceivable design.


Carefully developed by our engineers and perfectly installed into our finest granite, our individual niche system ensures privacy and respect throughout time. Manufactured from a superior aluminum body, surrounded by the strongest granite and sealed by both an aluminum and a granite door, our columbaria are one of the most secure available today. All structural joints are anchored, epoxied and sealed with architectural silicone adhesives for permanent bonding and waterproofing.

We understand the importance of this long-term tribute, and we ensure that everything will be taken care of with expert precision. From the design to the material selection, the fabrication to the installation, we are with you every step of the way.